How to choose the perfect Tiara

A tiara is a stunning highlight to any dress or gown. You can wear your tiara with or without a veil and they compliment all short and long hairstyles.

Think these four golden rules when choosing any type of wedding accessories:

  1. Style of your gown
  2. Colour
  3. Hairstyle
  4. Personal style

Here some tips to help you choose the perfect tiara for your special day.

Styles of headwear

  • Tiara – can give a romantic, regal, dramatic, sophisticated or feminine look depending on the style.
  • Comb – a piece that can be worn with all hairstyles. There is freedom to use the comb on the side, front or back of your hairstyle.
  • Headband -For those wearing their hair down, a headband can be used to keep the hair off the face. It can also be worn with up swept hairstyles.
  • Back piece – this is worn at the back of the head so that the attention is not drawn to the tiara.

Choose a tiara according to your face shape.
A tiara should draw attention to your face by framing it. Here is a guide to choosing the best tiara to suit your face shape.

  • Round face – to add height choose a taller tiara or one that comes to a peak in the centre.
  • Long face – avoid taller tiaras that will make your face look longer. A small delicate tiara will suit this type of face shape. Another alternative is a headband, hair pins or a comb.
  • Oval face – avoid tiaras with a peak at the top as this will make your face look longer. A lower tiara, headband, hair pin, comb or back piece will be most flattering.
  • Full face – choose a tiara that comes to peak in the centre to give the appearance of a longer face.

Choose a tiara according to your hairstyle:

  • Short hair – wear headbands or lighter more delicate tiaras that don’t require too much pinning. Combs and pins or a heavy tiara are less likely to stay in place.
  • Up swept hair – if you are wearing your hair up, a tall tiara will be required so that it doesn’t look lost. An elaborate headband, hair pin or comb would look fabulous too.
  • Hair down – a headband or side combs is best to keep the hair off the face.

Choose a tiara according to your dress or gown.
Details in your dress should be matched in your tiara. Here is a guide to help you choose the perfect tiara. If your gown has:-

Crystals Choose a crystal design tiara
Pearls Choose a pearl tiara
Floral details Choose a floral design tiara
Modern Gown Choose a more modern style of tiara
Traditional Gown Choose a more traditional style of tiara

Remember that tiaras are not just for the bride. They are perfect for bridesmaids as well. To give the wedding party a coordinated look, the bridesmaids can complement the bride by wearing a smaller or simpler version of the bride’s tiara.